We bring frogs to life

With director Vincent BAL we made this lovely little movie for belgian insurance company CORONA DIRECT. You can't get a frog more real and more cute than these ones.

A sublime Olaf Van Gerwen film

Using stunning high speed shots Olaf Van Gerwen made a very emotional film for Euthanasia 2016. A real chef d'oeuvre.

The cutest cat movies ever

Aaron BENITEZ got really world famous with his cat films on You Tube. They're such a huge success. No surprise he got awarded the latest Doritos campaign that was launched during the Super Bowl in America. He's your best option for all your cats & dogs films. Book him now with Edcommercials.

We wish you an amazing 2016 !

We wish you an amazing 2016.

Merve INCE shoots a surprising film for a petrol company

Our young director MERVE INCE just finished a great film for CCE Petrol Company. She completely turned the seriousness of oil business into some fun activity. The result is a happy optimistic film that bring you completely in good mood.

Ace Norton demonstrates his sovereignty

No doubt ACE NORTON is on the right track to win again all the fashion film awards this year. His freshly finished 'The New Sovereignty' has all the ingredients to meet the results of his 'Purgatory of Monotony'. Unbelievable how much detail and humor he can bring to any idea.

Richard Caesar softens life for Müller

Richard Caesar is great at it : wonderful beauty shots and breathtaking hair shots. His latest film for Müller got it all.

Merve INCE joins Edcommercials

Young Turkish director Merve INCE whose short movie GASSAL won around 40 movie awards around the world has joined the Edcommercials directors roaster. Without doubt she's one of Turkey's most promising directors. If you want to meet her personally or discuss a project, give us a buzz.

Ace Norton : the musicvideo master

May we invite you to have a look at ACE NORTON'S latest promo for SUMMONERS WAR. Again every shot is full of surprises. Again mind blowing creativity.